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Why inuRE?

inuRE’s face-to-face learning provides the ultimate interactive learning experience for your people. A range of topics is covered, such as reinsurance concepts, reinsurance planning, wordings, accounting, claims, pricing, case studies and interactive simulations. Introductory to advanced levels are catered for.

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The inuRE Team

inuRE’s Founder & Director Gabriel Manoughian and Executive Consultant Robert Felgate have extensive experience as reinsurance brokers & advisors, account executives and training specialists. They will bring your business over 60 years of combined global reinsurance experience.

Gabriel is a highly experienced global reinsurance broker, account executive and developer and deliverer of acclaimed training. For over 20 years Gabriel worked for Willis Re, primarily with clients throughout Asia and the ANZ region, gaining a market-leading reputation as a Reinsurance Broker and Account Executive and a Reinsurance & Business Trainer. During this time Gabriel:

  • managed and developed reinsurance solutions and placements for clients on a global basis, covering various classes of business;
  • personally developed and delivered reinsurance and sales & business learning support to over 1,000 (re)insurance professionals.

Robert has over 40 years of global reinsurance experience. He was formerly a Director and Client Advocate for Willis Re, looking after Willis Re’s longest-standing clients and leading the development of business in the Pacific region. During this time Robert was a Willis Re Client Advocate for:

  • a number of Australian SME clients, including two major local Japanese insurance branch offices,
  • the Pacific Islands and spent 23 years travelling the Islands providing full reinsurance services, Treaty and Facultative, for local insurers covering all classes of business.

Gabriel and Robert have developed and delivered advice, solutions and training for insurers and reinsurers throughout China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.