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Key to our training services is our exclusive reinsurance, insurance and underwriting simulation programs. Developed by Unicorn Simulations, inuRE has the exclusive license to deliver the simulations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The simulations provide a fully interactive and immersive experience for participants who will be guided to make business critical decisions.

One Willis Re broker commented that “The simulations that inuRE delivers have supported our clients’ ability to understand the essential functions of insurance and reinsurance companies.


This simulation introduces participants to the core elements of managing an insurance company in a lifelike environment. Participants will manage a newly formed general insurance company based in a fictitious volcanic island state which is exposed to flooding. Participants will work in small teams, with each team planning and operating their own newly formed insurance company in a fast-moving competitive environment. The simulation is typically run over one or two days during which the teams are required to make a wide range of business decisions. Decision outcomes are compared with those of the other teams as the simulation progresses. Success in establishing and managing the insurance company is judged against both financial and non-financial performance measures, including profitability, market share, solvency and customer satisfaction.


Participants will act as insurers and reinsurers based in a fictitious country which is exposed to a range of potential losses, including catastrophes. Participants will experience the reinsurance process from the point of view of both cedants and reinsurers. The participants work in small teams, with some teams operating as cedants and some teams operating as reinsurers. The cedant teams will their design reinsurance programmes and then negotiate with the reinsurer teams to place their programmes in a simulated reinsurance market place. This process is typically repeated over three simulated years, providing the cedant and reinsurer teams with the opportunity to build and manage relationships. The simulation is usually run over three days, with each day representing a simulated year of business. The objectives of both the cedant and reinsurer teams are to achieve profitable, solvent growth, with high levels of customer satisfaction.


This simulation was originally developed to be a core element in the underwriting training programme of a large London market insurer for new and inexperienced underwriters. It has since been adapted for other London market insurance clients, including the addition of classes of business, such as cyber risk; though the original underlying objective of improving participants’ underwriting skills, and their ability to analyse internal and external information so as to take better informed decisions remains core. Participants are set business objectives within the simulations, such as maintaining solvency and customer satisfaction. Teams will make crucial business planning and underwriting decisions and compete to achieve the best business results across each U/W year. Once the results are in you will explore the different decisions each team made and how this impacted their results.


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